About us

Dope Souls,

Inspired by all of the brave and bold souls out there searching for their own paths, truths, bliss and happiness. Dope Souls are those who aren’t afraid to stand alone, as they innately know that everything they need is already within. 

Dope Souls is what I see and feel about my own soul; but it wasn’t always that way. And I guess, no matter how cliché, it’s precisely because of those moments in life, when we feel lost or like we’ve lost it all, that we are able to realign to our soul and our deepest heart’s desires. Finding strength within so naturally enables us to manifest greater things. Still, change doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a long, internal process; but once we face all of that darkness, healing, shedding, and releasing — that’s when we’re able to open ten new doors to further explore our personal journey. 

That’s why we’re here. 

Each item sold in the shop is designed, carefully crafted, and packaged with this journey  from dark to light in mind. Each gift is thoughtfully created to make you feel as special, worthy, supported and blessed as you truly are, able to connect with the beauty and power that exists within. You’re a Dope Soul, and you deserve freedom from the illusions holding you back from becoming your truest, most vibrant self. That’s why this shop exists — to inspire you to keep learning, growing and evolving into anything you desire to be, and to give you the tools you might need along the way. 

With love, 

Dyana (Founder Dope Souls)